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Academic Classicism OIL PAINTINGS

Academic Classicism Oil Paintings, Academic Classicism Oil Painting Reproductions

Academic Classicism art is the art and artists influenced by the standards of the French Academie des beaux-arts, which practiced under the movements of Neoclassicism and Romanticism. Academic art also grew to give increasing focus on allegory in art. The oil paintings were desired to be an "idee", a full and complete idea. Bouguereau is known to have said that he wouldn't paint "a war", but would paint "War". Many oil paintings by academic artists are simple nature-allegories with titles like Dawn, Dusk, Seeing, and Tasting, where these ideas are personified by a single nude figure, composed in such a way as to bring out the essence of the idea.
Aivazovsky, Ivan Constantinovich (1817-1900)
Alt, Rudolf von (1812-1905)
Blaas, Eugene de (1843-1931)
Boldini, Giovanni (1842-1931)
Bouguereau, William (1825-1905)
Brunery, Francois (1849-1926)
Cabanel, Alexandre (1823-1889)
Calame, Alexandre (1810-1864)
Cole, Thomas (1801-1848)
Corcos, Vittorio (1859-1933)
Croegaert, Georges (1848-1923)
Delaroche, Paul (1797-1856)
Duveneck, Frank (1848-1919)
Fedotov, Pavel Andreevich (1815-1852)
Garrido, Eduardo Leon (1856-1906)
Gil, Jose Benlliure y (1855-1937)
Gilbert, Victor Gabriel (1847-1933)
Gleyre, Marc- Gabriel- Charles (1808-1874)
Guy, Seymour Joseph (1824-1910)
Herring Snr, John Frederick (1795-1865)
Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (1836-1911)
Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre (1839-1921)
Long, Edwin Longsden (1829-1891)
Madrazo y Garreta, Raimundo de (1841-1920)
Makart, Hans (1840-1884)
Meissonier, Jean- Louis (1815-1891)
Morgan, Frederick (1847-1927)
Munier, Emile (1840-1895)
Munkacsy, Mihaly von (1844-1900)
Noter, David Emile Joseph de (1818-1892)
Perrault, Leon Bazile (1832-1908)
Piot, Etienne Adolphe (1850-1910)
Reggianini, Vittorio (1859-1938)
Seignac, Guillaume (1870-1924)
Siemiradzki, Henryk Hector (1843-1902)
Soulacroix, Frederick (1858-1933)
Stevens, Alfred (1828-1906)
Stewart, Julius LeBlanc (1855-1919)
Toulmouche, Auguste (1829-1890)
Vibert, Jehan Georges (1840-1902)
Waldmuller, Ferdinand Georg (1793-1865)
Wardle, Arthur (1864-1949)
Weeks, Edwin Lord (1849-1903)
Winterhalter, Franz Xavier (1805-1873)
Wontner, William Clarke (1857-1930)
Zatzka, Hans (1859-1945)
Zuber-Buhler, Fritz (1822-1896)
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