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    OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION Aivazovsky, Ivan Constantinovich

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    Paintings Aivazovsky,  Ivan Constantinovich
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    Aivazovsky, Ivan Constantinovich 1817 - 1900
    Moonlit Seascape With Shipwreck, 1863
    Oil on canvas, 30 x 23.27 inches [76.2 x 59.1 cm]
    Private collection
    Sea Landscapes
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    painting: AII003
    size: 30x23 inches
    price: 370 USD
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    painting: AII003B
    size: 40x31 inches
    price: 450 USD

    OIL PAINTING : Moonlit Seascape With Shipwreck, 1863

          Aivazovsky 's expressive language was in complete harmony with the techniques that he used. As a young boy Aivazovsky had known the sea, had loved it passionately and had known the secrets of its movements. It was this memory, together with his imagination, that was responsible for his best oil paintings . Rather than merely "reproduce" the sea, Aivazovsky tells us its fables and thus makes a symbolic statement.

    SPECIAL NOTE : The painter will make the reproduction as close to the original oil painting as possible. If you want your painting to alter from this likeness, please email us and " Moonlit Seascape With Shipwreck, 1863 " will be reproduced according to your special requirements.
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