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    OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION Aivazovsky, Ivan Constantinovich

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    Paintings Aivazovsky,  Ivan Constantinovich
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    Aivazovsky, Ivan Constantinovich 1817 - 1900
    Venice, 1842
    Oil on canvas
    Private collection
    City and Village Landscapes
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    painting: AII074
    size: 40x25 inches
    price: 460 USD

    OIL PAINTING : Venice, 1842

          During the period of 1840-1844 , at the time this painting was created , Aivazovsky as a pensioner of the Academy of Fine Arts spent some time in Italy. In Rome he got acquainted with some of the outstanding people of the time. Aivazovsky made friends with Nikolai Gogol and was on good terms with Alexander Ivanov and other Russian artists living in Rome. He also traveled to Germany, France, Spain, and Holland. He worked much and had many exhibitions, meeting success everywhere he went. Aivazovsky painted a lot of marine landscapes, which became very popular in Italy: The Bay of Naples by Moonlight (1842), Seashore. Calm (1843); Malta Valetto Harbor (1844). Newspapers wrote: “Pope Gregory XVI has purchased Aivazovsky’s painting Chaos and had it hung in the Vatican, where only the paintings of the world's greatest artists are considered worthy of a place.

    SPECIAL NOTE : The painter will make the reproduction as close to the original oil painting as possible. If you want your painting to alter from this likeness, please email us and " Venice, 1842 " will be reproduced according to your special requirements.
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