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    Paintings Vincent van Gogh
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    Vincent van Gogh 1853 - 1890
    The Bedroom, 1889
    Oil on canvas, 28.98 x 36.34 inches [73.6 x 92.3 cm]
    The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
    Still Life Paintings
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    painting: GOV006
    size: 24x30,2 inches
    price: 355 USD
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    painting: GOV006B
    size: 29x36 inches
    price: 395 USD

    OIL PAINTING : The Bedroom, 1889

          Here, Van Gogh has depicted his bedroom in the Yellow House, furnished with simple pine furniture and his own paintings. Over the bed hang Van Gogh's portraits of the poet Eugène Boch and the soldier Paul-Eugène Milliet.
          The most striking aspects of " Bedroom" are the bright patches of contrasting color, the thickly applied paint and the odd perspective. The rear wall appears strangely angled. This is not a mistake: this corner of the Yellow House was, in fact, slightly skewed.

    SPECIAL NOTE : The painter will make the reproduction as close to the original oil painting as possible. If you want your painting to alter from this likeness, please email us and " The Bedroom, 1889 " will be reproduced according to your special requirements.
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