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Denmark Paintings

Danish visual art did not have a truly national expression until the 1800s, with the advent of neo-classicism and the so-called ?golden age?. Until then Danish artists had sought inspiration for their paintings abroad. Golden age painters like C. W. Eckersberg, Christen K?bke, Wilhem Marstrand. J. Th. Lundbye and P. C. Skovgaard directed their artistic attention towards Denmark and found their subjects in the Danish landscape, Danish monuments and daily life on the Danish streets. Berthel Thorvaldsen remains the best known artist outside Denmark. He made all his neo-classicist works in Italy, a total of almost 550 sculptures, busts and reliefs. Born at the end of the golden age of Danish painting, Peder Mork Monsted 1859 - 1941, can be described as a product of that era. A landscape painter renowned for the clarity of light common to the painters of that age, his naturalistic oil paintings with plain air views made him the leading Danish landscapist of his age. The painter Vilhelm Hammersh?i is one of the realists working around the turn of the century 1800-1900 who, in recent years, have attracted a larger audience outside Denmark. A few of his principal paintings can be seen at the Ordrupgaard exhibition today.
Monsted, Peder Mork (1859-1941)
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