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French Paintings

During the baroque era (17th and early 18th cent.) enthusiasm for classical antiquity paintings, combined with a cult of rationalism, encouraged the development of a monumental and formalized art. The most important painters were the landscape artists Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain, who painted their oil paintings in Italy. Other major painters of the period include Simon Vouet, Philippe de Champaigne, George de la Tour, and the Le Nain brothers. The 18th-century aesthetic styles were named after the political periods of these turbulent eras. They include the regence style, the Louis period styles, and the Directoire style. After the ascension of Louis XV baroque monumentality was replaced by the lighter, more animated spirit of the rococo, which had early manifestation in the oil paintings of J. A. Watteau. Francois Boucher and J. H. Fragonard succeeded Le Brun as official painters; their decorative, sensuous paintings were favored by the court but not adopted generally. The genre and still-life painter J. B. Chardin and the sculptor J. A. Houdon exhibited independent tendencies.
Bastien- Lepage, Jules (1848-1884)
Bazille, Frederick (1841-1870)
Beraud, Jean (1849-1936)
Bonnard, Pierre (1867-1947)
Boucher, Francois (1703-1770)
Bouguereau, William (1825-1905)
Cabanel, Alexandre (1823-1889)
Caillebotte, Gustave (1848-1894)
Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906)
Chardin, Jean- Baptiste Simeon (1699-1779)
Constant, Benjamin Jean Joseph (1845-1902)
Corot, Jean-Baptiste -Camille (1796-1875)
Courbet, Gustave (1819-1877)
Dagnan-Bouveret, Pascal-Adolphe (1852-1929)
Daubigny, Charles-Francois (1817-1878)
David, Jacques -Louis (1748-1825)
Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugene (1798-1863)
Delaroche, Paul (1797-1856)
Dupre, Julien (1851-1910)
Fantin-Latour, Ignace-Henri- Theodore (1836-1904)
Fragonard, Jean- Honore (1732-1806)
Frere, Charles Theodore (1814-1888)
Friant, Emile (1863-1932)
Fromentin, Eugene (1820-1876)
Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903)
Gericault, Jean Louis Andre Theodore (1791-1824)
Gerome, Jean-Leon (1824-1904)
Gilbert, Victor Gabriel (1847-1933)
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste (1725-1805)
Guigou, Paul-Camille (1834-1871)
Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780-1867)
Janmot, Anne- Francois- Louis (1814-1892)
L Hermitte, Leon Augustin (1844-1925)
La Tour, Georges de (1593-1652)
Le Brun, Charles (1619-1690)
Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (1836-1911)
Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre (1839-1921)
Lorrain, Claude (1600-1682)
Manet, Edouard (1832-1883)
Matisse, Henri (1869-1954)
Meissonier, Jean- Louis (1815-1891)
Mignard, Pierre (1612-1695)
Monet, Claude Oscar (1840-1926)
Moreau, Gustave (1826-1898)
Morisot, Berthe (1841-1895)
Munier, Emile (1840-1895)
Perrault, Leon Bazile (1832-1908)
Piot, Etienne Adolphe (1850-1910)
Pissaro, Camille (1830-1903)
Poussin, Nicolas (1594-1665)
Puigaudeau, Ferdinand Loyen Du (1864-1930)
Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)
Seignac, Guillaume (1870-1924)
Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899)
Stewart, Julius LeBlanc (1855-1919)
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph (1836-1902)
Toulmouche, Auguste (1829-1890)
Toulouse- Lautrec, Henri de (1864-1901)
Troyon, Constant (1810-1865)
Vernet, Horace (1789-1863)
Vibert, Jehan Georges (1840-1902)
Vigee-Lebrun, Elisabeth (1755-1842)
Vouet, Simon (1590-1649)
Watteau, Jean- Antone (1684-1721)
Yon, Edmond Charles Joseph (1836-1897)
Ziem, Felix (1821-1911)
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