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Germany Paintings

Painting in the 16th cent. was at its height in Germany and led all other arts. Hans Holbein the younger, Mathias Grunewald (creator of the last major Gothic altarpiece), Albrecht Altdorfer (who brought pure landscape painting into vogue), Lucas Cranach the elder, and Hans Baldung were the great masters of the age. In the late 19th cent. a new wave of romanticism emerged that had been foreshadowed by the desolate landscape oil paintings of C. D. Friedrich and the complex allegory paintings of P. O. Runge. Romanticism was exemplified in architecture by K. F. Schinkel. Romantic paintings who were influenced by Italian art included these of Anselm von Feuerbach and Hans von Marees.
Blechen, Karl (1798-1840)
Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528)
Feuerbach , Anselm (1929-1880)
Flegel, Georg (1566-1638)
Friedrich, Caspar David (1774-1840)
Holbein, Hans /Younger/ (1497-1543)
Koester, Alexander (1864-1932)
Lenbach, Franz von (1836-1904)
Mesdag, Hendrik Willem (1831-1915)
Mignon, Abraham (1640-1679)
Rottmann , Carl (1797-1850)
Scheffer, Ary (1795-1858)
Schinkel, Karl Friedrich (1781-1841)
Spitzweg, Carl (1808-1885)
Thoma, Hans (1839-1924)
Winterhalter, Franz Xavier (1805-1873)
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