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Impressionism, Post- Impressionism OIL PAINTINGS

Impressionism, Post- Impressionism Oil Paintings, Impressionism, Post- Impressionism Oil Painting Reproductions

Impressionism in painting began in late-19th-century and was generally characterized by the attempt to depict transitory visual impressions, often painted directly from nature, and by the use of pure, broken color to achieve brilliance and luminosity. This style in oil painting is associated mainly with French artists , such as Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Impressionist painting seeks to re-create the artist's or viewer's general impression of a scene. It is characterized by indistinct outlines and by small brushstrokes of different colors, which the eye blends at a distance. Soft, pastel colors appear frequently in impressionism oil paintings.
Bazille, Frederick (1841-1870)
Bonnard, Pierre (1867-1947)
Caillebotte, Gustave (1848-1894)
Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906)
Chase, William Merritt (1849-1916)
Corot, Jean-Baptiste -Camille (1796-1875)
Daubigny, Charles-Francois (1817-1878)
Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903)
Gogh, Vincent van (1853-1890)
Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik (1839-1902)
Manet, Edouard (1832-1883)
Metcalf, Willard Leroy (1858-1925)
Monet, Claude Oscar (1840-1926)
Morisot, Berthe (1841-1895)
Ortega, Martin Rico y (1833-1908)
Pissaro, Camille (1830-1903)
Potthast, Edward (1857-1927)
Puigaudeau, Ferdinand Loyen Du (1864-1930)
Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)
Robinson, Theodore (1852-1896)
Sargent, John Singer (1856-1925)
Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899)
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin (1863-1923)
Steele, Theodore Clement (1847-1926)
Thaulow, Frits (1847-1906)
Turner, Joseph Mallord William (1775-1851)
Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903)
Ziem, Felix (1821-1911)
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