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Orientalism Oil Paintings, Orientalism Oil Painting Reproductions

Oil Paintings, depicting Islamic "Moors" and "Turks" (imprecisely named Muslim groups of North Africa and West Asia) can be found in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art. But it was not until the 19th century that "Orientalism" in the arts became an established theme. In these paintings the myth of the Orient as exotic and corrupt is most fully articulated. Such paintings typically concentrated on Near-Eastern Islamic cultures. Artists such as Eugene Delacroix and Jean-Leon Gerome painted many depictions of Islamic culture, often including lounging odalisques, and stressing lassitude and visual spectacle. When Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, director of the French Academie de peinture painted a highly-colored vision of a turkish bath (illustration, right), he made his eroticized Orient publicly acceptable by his diffuse generalizing of the female forms, who might all have been of the same model.
Bridgeman, Arthur Frederick (1847-1928)
Constant, Benjamin Jean Joseph (1845-1902)
Deutsch, Ludwig (1855-1935)
Ernst, Rudolf (1854-1932)
Frere, Charles Theodore (1814-1888)
Fromentin, Eugene (1820-1876)
Gerome, Jean-Leon (1824-1904)
Lewis, John Frederick (1805-1876)
Pasini, Alberto (1826-1899)
Rosati, Giulio (1858-1917)
Vernet, Horace (1789-1863)
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