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Spainish Paintings

The baroque period in Spain ,(17th?mid 18th-century) was marked by decisive affirmation of native taste and individual genius in all the arts.In painting, sobriety of color and insistent naturalism, as well as dramatic contrasts of light and shade, were typical of such masters as Ribalta, Ribera, Navarrete, and Zurbaran, who are sometimes linked with Caravaggio and the Italians known for their dark palettes, termed tenebrosi [gloomy]. However, the outstanding master of the period was Velazquez, one of the greatest figures in the history of art. His oil paintings are admired as much for their display of technical virtuosity as for their profundity of characterization. The paintings of Murillo revealed a tendency to lyricism and decorative effects. The foremost of modern Spanish paintings, these of Pablo Picasso, is permanently associated with the school of Paris, as are the cubist oil paintings of Juan Gris, the surrealist paintings of Joan Miro and Salvador Dali, and the sculptor works Julio Gonzalez. Nonetheless, each of these spanish artists has in his style something that is distinctively Spanish in origin. In the 1950s there was an outburst of abstract expressionism in Spain represented in the works of Antonio Tapies and Luis Saez, among many others.
Dali, Salvador (1904-1989)
El Greco, -Domenikos Theotokopolos (1541-1614)
Garrido, Eduardo Leon (1856-1906)
Gil, Jose Benlliure y (1855-1937)
Goya, Francisco de (1746-1828)
Madrazo y Garreta, Raimundo de (1841-1920)
Murillo, Bartolome Esteban (1617-1682)
Ortega, Martin Rico y (1833-1908)
Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
Ribera, Jusepe de (1591-1652)
Sanchez-Perrier (1855-1907)
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin (1863-1923)
Velazquez, Diego Rodriguez de Silva (1599-1660)
Zurbaran, Francisco de (1598-1664)
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